Photo of giant TV monitor showing James Hetfield of the band Metalica playing the guitar

I get a lot of music recomendations and hear a lot of news from the website Loudwire. They have helped me determine the different types of subgenres, introduce me to new bands I never heard of before, get to hear really well done interviews from members in bands and much much more. They do have some click bate matieral but sometimes its just a slow news day.

The image above is of Metallicas lead singer and rythem guitarist James Hetfield from the festival Austin City Limits a few years ago. Out of the dozens of acts that were performing they were the only ones I wanted to see. I gave a few others a chance but I was totally uninterested. When they performed they played all the songs I wanted to hear from them and I thought it was totally worth it. It was also a great bonding experience for me and my dad.

I think everyone should expand their horizons with their music taste. I used to hate popular musicians but now I'm sort of into Lady Gaga, Lorde and Doja Cat thanks to my friends introducing me to them and me trying to keep an open mind. I even have Mongolian throat singing on my spotify playlist which some people absolutly hate. But at the end of the day I'm still a huge metalhead. Also down below are probably my top 10 metal bands that all vary in subgenre.