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Facetuned and edited portrait of myself getting ready for my god daughters baptism

Hello, my name is Joe Kirkham and I am a student at Texas State University. I came to Texas State University to become a Mass Communications major and I ended up studying in Public Relations. I really love PR because I like the challenge of spinning a story. Ive always had an interest in Mass Comm but I didnt like my advirtising class or journalism class as much as I liked PR. Hopefully in the future if everything goes as planned and I'm not dead or on heroin I would like to work for either a PR firm or in the PR division of a company.

I really enjoy photography and have won a few awards back when I was in Highschool in my hometown. I won 1st place out of hundreds of students from multiple schools. I continue to take photos for a club on campus called the Nerdfighters at Texas State. My inspiration for my love of photography came from my dad who always took me places to take photos and then later from my highschool art teacher Mr. Giles who helped me learn more of the technical aspect of things.

My most favorite genre of music is Heavy Metal. I love the anger, power and emotion that goes into it and I also love going to concerts whenever I have the time or the money. Most of my clothes are solid black metal band tshirts so I kind of need to add more color to my wardrobe. I try my best to listen to other genres of music but metal is the main one I listen to. On my Spotify account I have 30 country songs, 60 early hip-hop songs, 40 regae songs, 100 songs from soundtracks or orchestral but I have over 3,000 metal songs. Nothing is more satisfying to me than jumping into a mosh pit and getting slammed around. I always find my inner peace at live metal shows.

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Places I want to go to Favorite places in San Marcos Favorite foods
Russia Rio Vista Park Lasagna
Ireland The Texas State Rec Center Sushi
Japan Toro Ramen Fried Chicken